The Sweeper System empties gaylords and octobins without human intervention
The Sweeper system is designed to automatically remove material from a gaylord or octobin type container without the need for human intervention.

The SWEEPER gets its name from the fact that it continuously "sweeps" the top level of the contents of the gaylord/octobin to the outer edges. The material is vacuumed up the rotating vertical pick up tube assembly, which in turn has a flexible hose and wand assembly that rotates. As the pick up tube assembly rotates the material is drawn up thru the vertical portion, and into the manufacturing process.

The motor that rotates the pick up tube is only activated when vacuum is sensed from the users conveying system. As the unit unloads the material from the gaylord/octobin, the counterbalance system allows the motor / control assembly to lower and follow the level of the material. When the sweeper reaches to the bottom of the container, there will be a small amount of material remaining, which can be easily removed with the Gaylord liner and returned to inventory.





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The whole system is very portable and can be easily transported from one location to another.

Available in the following models sizes.
  • SW-4815 - 48-inch clearance, 1.5-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-4820 - 48-inch clearance, 2.0-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-4825 - 48-inch clearance, 2.5-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-8415 - 84-inch clearance, 1.5-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-8420 - 84-inch clearance, 2.0-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-8425 - 84-inch clearance, 2.5-inch hose diameter.
Power Requirements: 120 VAC or 230 VAC, model dependent.