Auto-download of Recipes
For Maguire software packages: Gravmetric Gateway or MLAN for Windows

The Maguire Weigh Scale Blender when used with the Gravimetric Gateway software or MLAN for Windows has the ability to automatically download a recipe including settings from the G2 or MLAN Software to the controller. To accomplish this the operator must use the following procedure on the controller to initiate an automatic download.

For a more detailed description of keypad functions please refer to the Weigh Scale Blender Operation and Maintenance Manual.

First you must enable the TAG key if it is not already enabled. To do so you will press * then enter the password for the controller (default is 22222). Then press the PARA key once. The display will say: FLGXXXXX with the X being either a zero or a one. At this point take note of the 5 digits on the display. Each digit represents a general parameter setting, O being off, 1 being on. You need to set the second digit to 1 (on) while keeping your current settings. Enter the five digits as they are while replacing the second digit with a 1. In other words if the display currently says FLG 10101 you will need to enter into the keypad 11101. After entering the five digits press exit twice. For more information on how to set the FLG parameter please refer to the Weigh Scale Blender Operation and Maintenance Manual, Explanation of Parameters .

The next step is to set the recipe tag to the recipe number you want automatically downloaded into the controller. To do this press the TAG key and cycle through WO##### and OPRTR### until you see RCP#####. RCP##### is RECIPE with the current five digit recipe. Using the keypad type in the new recipe number you wish to be downloaded. After entering the new recipe number press EXIT. The display says: WAIT RCP. It will continue to wait for the new recipe and settings to be downloaded until it receives the new recipe number and settings. These conditions must be met for a successful auto-download. The G2 Server must be running and the blender receiving the recipe must be listed as Online in order for the download to occur. MLAN for Windows MUST be in constant scan and the blender waiting for the automatic download must be set active in MLAN's setup in order for the download to occur. The automatic recipe download occurs when: G2 completes a cycle-by-cycle pass on the blender.  MLANS for Windows' constant scan scans the blender waiting for a new recipe. Upon a successful automatic download the constant scan displays under last response, OK: Automatic Download. You can terminate the WAIT RCP by pressing the exit button or by turning the power of the controller off. If you terminate the waiting for a new recipe the controller reverts back to it's original recipe.


NOTE: The controller will continue to wait for a recipe number and settings to be downloaded until it receives a recipe number and settings or the EXIT button is pressed or the unit is powered down. Also note that the auto-download feature downloads the settings of the downloaded recipe regardless of what is specified (checked or un-checked) in G2's Setup Screen for No Settings for download screens.  This also applies for MLAN's setup screen under Settings. The recipe number you wish to be automatically downloaded, must exist in the G2 (or the earlier MLAN) recipe database. If it does not exist in the recipe database the controller alarms briefly, displaying NO MATCH, and G2 (or MLAN for Windows) re-downloads the original recipe number and settings of that recipe in the recipe database.