Clear-Vu™ Loading Systems

Clear-Vu™ Loading System

The Clear-Vu™ Loading System from Maguire Products provides the benefits of a central system with the added convenience of portability and low maintenance. This complete vacuum conveying system provides automatic loading of up to 3,000 lb/hr (1,350 kg/hr). The Clear-Vu controller provides the backbone of a flexible loading system that will control up to 8 stations.

Filterless Clear-Vu Receivers

Easy cleaning, lightweight, clear polycarbonate receivers allow an unrestricted view of the filling action. Operators can monitor loader operation and quickly adjust fill settings. The receivers feature a patent pending, fast action slide gate that prevents pellet entrapment during material discharge. The discharge slide gate does not invade the hopper that is being filled, which eliminates clogging and frequent loss of vacuum common with models using "dump flap" discharge.

About the MLS System Controller

AVR-10 "10-pound" Receiver (0.3 cu. ft.)
AVR-1 "1-pound" Receiver (0.03 cu. ft) The AVR-1 mini-receiver is ideal for loading small hoppers such as Micro-Blenders and feeders, which offer limited mounting space.