Granulators Heavy Duty Granulators

Heavy Duty Granulators

Maguire manufactures heavy duty granulators for high throughput and long life. Maguire granulators provide uncommon productivity, more uptime, and greater versatility than other large machines on the market.

Besides being rugged, Maguire granulators are more user-friendly that conventional units and provide easy, safe access to the cutting chamber for cleaning or changing knives. With minimal disassembly the rotor can be removed on-site for repair or replacement making it unnecessary to return the unit to the manufacturer for rotor removal. This versatile design allows the user to change applications while utilizing the same cutting chamber.

Drive motors range from 100 to 250 HP for applications such as:

  • Heavy purgings
  • High volume materials like post-consumer waste or film
  • Tough or abrasive products like electrical cable
  • Large moldings like automotive body panels and blow molded containers.

A proprietary QuaDischarge™ base provides diverse material discharge options including discharge to pneumatic conveying systems, drums, gaylords, or mechanical conveyors.

Easy Maintenance

Easy rotor removal through top of cutting chamber

Fast, safe cleanout

Replaceable wear surfaces

How Heavy Duty Granulators Work

Innovative Cutting Chamber

  • Increased open space in screens. 25% larger open area increases throughput.
  • Minimal reduction in cutting circle. Eliminates screen blanketing.
  • Integral mounted bearings. Maintains tight tolerance knife gaps of 0.003 to 0.006 in.
  • Multiple cutting geometries. Straight, slant, or scissor cut designs available in 5 rotor styles to suit your application.
  • Replaceable wear surfaces. Granulator life is extended with replaceable bed knife blocks and end-plate mounted wear plates.
  • Optimized air-flow. Provides high air-flow to dissipate heat for maximum output.

High Shear/High Impact

Hook Style

Steep Angle

Specifications Model 2436 Model 2454 Options
Cutting Chamber 24" x 36" 24" x 54" Wear Plates and Hardened Components
Drive 100 HP V-belt driven 150 HP V-belt driven 100 to 250 HP
Throughput up to 9,000 lb/hr up to 16,000 lb/hr
Weight 14,500 lbs 18,000 lbs
Rotor 2 Knife Open Wing 3 Knife Open Wing 5 Styles Available
Bed Knives (2) Adjustable D2 Steel (3) Adjustable D2 Steel
Screen 7/16" diameter 7/16" diameter Hole Diameter to Suit Application
Hopper Conveyor Feed Conveyor Feed Tray Feed
Base Leg Style Leg Style Airveyor & QuaDischarge
Controls NEMA 12 Soft Start NEMA 12 Soft Start Starters for Blowers and Conveyors