Important notice regarding Weigh Scale Blender chip versions and the G2 Software:

It was found that Twelve software chips within the Maguire controller released between December 03, 2004 and July 12, 2005 (controller will display v=D1203L through v= E0712L) has a bug that affects downloading recipe from the G2 software to the blender. If a recipe is sent to the controller from G2 during the time the blender is cycling, the new recipe components can be shifted up one component in the controller. The problem is in blender software. We suggest anyone using G2 and twelve software controllers with a chip date code between December 03, 2004 and July 12, 2005 should update to the latest chip version. See chart below to learn how to decode your chip date. Please contact Maguire Products to arrange for a chip replacements.

MLAN Time Table

The table below documents when MLAN commands have been added to the MLAN software. The chip version number can be found on the MLAN chip within the controller.

In most cases with the introduction of new commands to the software in MLAN chips, 12 software chips were either first to be updated or both the 12 software and the 4 software chips were updated at the same time. Not all chips are listed below. What is listed are chips that marked a change in the software and were available for testing. If your chip is not listed, it may indicate that your chip did not mark a change in the software or possibly it was available for testing when this data was compiled.
Chips versions numbers indicate a date and can be found by observing the controllers display while powering on the controller. The controller will display v=###### where # is either a number or letter. An example: chip "60603A" means 1996 (6), June (06), 3rd (03) followed by "T" for twelve software, "A" for four software, or "L" for Loss In Weight (L is a 12 software chip).
See Chart below for a breakdown of chip codes.
Year Code Month Code Day Code Type Code
19922 Jan01 101 Four SoftwareA
19933 Feb02 202 Twelve SoftwareT
19944 Mar03 303 Loss in WeightL
19955 Apr04 404   
19966 May05 505   
19977 Jun06 606   
19988 Jul07 707   
19999 Aug08 808   
20000 Sept09 909   
20011 Oct10 1010   
2002B Nov11 1111   
2003C Dec12 1212   
2004D    1313   
2005E    1414   
2006F    1515   
2007G    Cont. thru 31   
Other Notes:
  • Controllers using chips prior to 60603A (06/03/1996) have an earlier circuit board which would need replacement if the chip is to be updated.
  • Chips after 90317A (03/17/1999) will have all parameters available.
Chips prior to 90317A (03/17/1999), please see chart below.
MLAN CommandChip Version (printed on Chip)
GET VERSION60603A (06/03/1996)
CLEAR TOTALS20414A (04/14/1992) or before
CLEAR TOTALS IMM80609A (06/09/1998)
GET ADDRESS50925 (09/25/1995)
GET ALL PARAMETERS60809A (08/09/1996)
Note: This command was not present in several chip versions released during the years 1999, 2000 , 2001 and early 2002.
GET BATCH INFO60603A (06/03/1996)
GET CWT30913A (09/13/1993)
GET DISPLAY50925 (09/25/1995)
GET PARAMETER70205T (02/05/1997)
GET SETTINGS20414A (04/14/1992) or before
GET STATUS41019A (10/19/1994)
GET STEADY STATE RATE60603A (06/03/1996)
GET TOTALS20414A (04/14/1992) or before
GET TYPE20414A (04/14/1992) or before
GET WEIGHT UNITS60710T (07/10/1996)
SET REMOTE KEYPAD60911T (09/11/1996)
SEND KEYSTROKE60911T (09/11/1996)
SEND SETTINGS20414A (04/14/1992) or before
SET BATCH WEIGHT60603A (06/03/1996)
SET DATE TIME60603A (06/03/1996)
SET PARAMETER70529A (05/29/1997)
SET STEADY STATE RATE70916T (09/16/1997)
SET TAG60710T (07/10/1996)
SET TARGET THROUGHPUT90317A (03/17/1999)
SET WEIGHT UNITS60710T (07/10/1996)
SILENCE ALARM60603A (06/03/1996)
START/STOP/STATUS60603A (06/03/1996)
STOP CYCLE STOP RETRY71222T (12/22/1997)
4COMP or 12 COMP XT PARAMETERS60603A (06/03/1996)