Loaders MLS System Controller

MLS System Controller

The Clear-Vu microprocessor controller is a compact, remotable unit with the capability of loading up to 8 receivers. Exclusive "Autofill" circuitry automates the setting of fill times.

Easy Setting of Fill Time
As the receiver is filling, the operator uses a push-button to activate the "Autofill" software. When the desired level has been reached, the button is released and the fill time for that station is set.

Automated Loading
Once load times have been set for each receiver, the controller sequences through the various stations loading each as that station's level sensor calls for material.

Individual Station Alarms
Load-failure alarm with reset is incorporated in the controller and may be selectively activated for any or all stations.

MLS Power Unit

The power unit is portable, and is available with a 1, 2.5, or 5 HP blower. The powerful "no maintenance" blower eliminates bothersome motor brush replacement. Each controller is removable for remote operation. The dust collector features a cartridge filter with blowback and a 5-gallon reservoir that sits upright on a patented hinged pivot tray for easy removal.

Flexible Deployment

In plants with many processing lines, use of several Clear-Vu Loading Systems, instead of relying on a single larger central system, increases versatility and ensures continued production by isolating problems that may occur.