Gravimetric Gateway® Server (G2 Server)

The Gravimetric Gateway® Server, G2 Server, is the name we give to the server software written exclusively for the MAGUIRE Weigh Scale Blenders. The G2 Server enables you to communicate directly from the server with one or more WSB controllers or connect remotely from anywhere over a TCP/IP network using the Gravimetric Gateway® Client Software. The Gravimetric Gateway® Server provides two-way communication between the server and the MLAN network of blenders through downloading and constant retrieval of information from WSB controllers for:
  • PRECISE WEIGHT of all materials processed
  • SETTINGS - Sending and retrieval
  • EXTRUSION CONTROL - Monitoring, Controlling and Recipe Downloads
  • LINE RECIPE MANAGEMENT - Creating, Downloading
  • RECIPE numbers
  • WORK ORDER numbers
  • OPERATOR numbers
    The G2 Server organizes and tracks your material usage, allowing you to gather accurate information according to the following factors:
    • » TIME
    • » DAY
    • » BLENDER
    • » WORK ORDER
    • » OPERATOR
    • » RECIPE
    • » LINE
  • The G2 Server allows you to maintain a raw materials database, and then build recipes from this database for all of the products you manufacture.
  • The G2 Server enables the user to build lines of WSBs as well as line recipes for multiple simultaneous recipe downloads and material usage based on lines of WSBs.
  • The G2 Server is menu driven, and very user friendly. The package is ready to go with very little training or start up time required.
  • The G2 Server allows for multiple remote clients to connect to the server simultaneously for controlling, monitoring and accessing data from the network of blenders. These connections can be controlled by several levels of security limiting access to critical data.