Granulators Radial™ Granulators

Radial™ Granulators
  • 3 year warranty (the longest, most comprehensive granulator warranty in the industry)
  • Small footprint
    (R9 - 16" x 16")
    (R18 - 28" x 29")
  • Reduced noise level
  • Easy and safe cleanout
  • Very low cost
  • Easy-access screen ring
  • Eliminates flyback
  • Variable speed drive for dust-prone materials
  • Manual or robot feed hoppers

The Maguire Radial™ Granulator features a patent rotary cutting method which delivers superior performance at a lower price that conventional granulators. The unique rotary cutting action eliminates flyback and requires less torque for granulation. The standard unit delivers 6 cuts per revolution or 10,500 cuts per minute with a 1,750 rpm motor. Two feed throat openings are available: 6" x 7.5" (R9) and 12.5" x 12.5" (R18). The Radial Granulator is safely and easily disassembled for quick material change. The front access door is fully interlocked and easily opened to enable unlimited access to material contact surfaces.

How Radial™ Granulators Work

In a conventional granulator the rotor turns at speeds as low as 200 rpm around a horizontal axis and describes a cylindrical path in the cutting chamber. The rotor in the Maguire Radial Granulator moves in a circular path around a vertical axis at 1,750 rpm creating far more centrifugal force which drives scrap to the knifes and through the screen. The combination of very low residence time in the cutting chamber and close tolerances between the cutting edges of the knives minimizes the generation of dust and fines.

High air flow through the chamber is also inherent to the design of the Radial Granulator. This aspect not only promotes movement of granulate through the screen, but also reduces temperature in the cutting chamber improving the quality of the granulate.

Fast, safe cleanout
For cleanout, operators can gain easy access to all material contact surfaces by means of the unit's fully interlocked front door.

Specifications R9 R9 Options R18 R18 Options
Cutting Chamber Rotary, 9" Diameter Rotary, 18" Diameter
Feed Throat 6" x 7.5" 12.5" x 12.5"
Drive 3 HP, 1750 rpm Direct Drive 5 HP, Vari-Drive, 200-1750 rpm 10 HP, 1750 rpm, Direct Drive 10 HP, Vari-Drive, 200-1750 rpm
Throughput Up to 400 lb/hr Up to 1000 lb/hr
Weight 400 lbs. 1000 lbs
Rotor Knives (2) D2 Steel HT - Hook Style (2) D2 Steel HT - Hook Style
Bed Knives (3) 4-edge D2 Steel Adjust. (3) 4-edge D@ Steel Adjust.
Screen Ring 1/2" Diameter Drilled Holes 1/8" to 7/16" (1/16" increm.) 1/2" Diameter Drilled Holes 1/8" to 7/16" (1/16" increm.)
Hopper Manual or robot Feed Manual or Robot Feed
Cabinet Unibody Unibody
Discharge Bin Manual Vacuum Takeoff Vacuum Takeoff
Controls Single location, Fully interlocked Single location, Fully interlocked
Overall Dimensions 16"w x 16"d x 57"h (Front Feed)
16"w x 16"d x 66"h (Robot Feed)
28"w x 29"d x 75"h (Front Feed)
28"w x 29"d x 75"h (Robot Feed)