The following is an excerpt from the Weigh Scale Blender Operation and Maintenance Manual.  To request a copy of this manual please call or e-mail Maguire Products.

Recalibration of Load Cells

This unit was properly calibrated at the factory to match the load cells that were supplied with it.  If you are going to recalibrate, note the following.

Recalibration can not be done until the Recalibration flag is turned ON. The proper sequence of keystrokes is given below.

BE SURE the load cell plug is plugged into the side of the controller.

BE SURE the weigh bin is hanging from the load cells freely.

BE SURE the air line to the dump valve is connected as it would be during normal operation. (A disconnected air line adds weigh.) Air pressure to the line is not necessary.

BE SURE there is nothing touching the weigh bin or air line.

BE SURE the bin is EMPTY when ZEROING the load cells,

ZERO WT. must be done before FULL WT.  Since changes in ZERO WT. will also shift the FULL WT. scale by the same amount, it may not be necessary to go any farther than this.

When SETTING FULL WEIGHT, BE SURE you know the exact weight (in GRAMS) that you are adding to the bin.  Place this weight in the bin and then press the FULL WT. key.   Four dashes (FULL#--#--) will be displayed.  Enter the exact weight in GRAMS that you have placed in the bin.  The weight should be near the designed full bin weight; (1000, 2000, 4000 or 9000).  For 18000 series blenders use 9000 gram weight.   The example below uses 2000.

When done, there is no need to turn the Calibration Flag off.  The next time power is turned off this flag will be reset to OFF.

The sequence of keystrokes is as follows:

Press: * Display will say: (PASSWORD)
Press: 22222 Display will say: (P      X)
Press: *99 Display will say: (CAL  OFF)
Press: * Display will say: (CAL   ON)
Press: EXIT Display will say: (P      X)
Press: ZERO Display will say: (#--WAIT#--)
Press:      followed by: (P      0)
Place a 2000 (or 1000, 4000, or 9000) Gram weight in bin.
Press: FULL Display will say: (FULL#--#--)
Press: 2000 Display will say: (#--WAIT#--)
     followed by: (P 2000.0)
If YOUR weight is not exactly 2000 grams, then enter the ACTUAL weight that you use.
Press: EXIT Display will say: (  2000.0)
Remove weights: Display will say: (     x.x)

Actual displayed weights may be plus or minus a few grams.

After a FULL weight calibration, if the display says (BAD  CELL),  the weight you are using does not match the weight you entered, the weigh bin is not free to move, OR the load cells are bad.