MAGUIRE Controller Options

Advanced Controls Provide Flexibility and Accountability

Maguire Products has several controller options for the Maguire Weigh Scale Blender including the Standard 12-12 Controller and two Touchscreen Controller options.


Maguire WSB Touch Screen Control

Ideal option for new WSB Blenders or as retro-fit control on any existing Maguire WSB using the retro-fit package.

Advanced Color Touch Screen Control Option

All the features of the standard WSB controller plus the ease of touch screen navigation. This optional control includes an intuitive, user-friendly touch screen and Ethernet connectivity. Advanced communications capable over Ethernet for control and data collection.

Standard features:

Touch screen control
A single control with Ethernet connectivity and intuitive 5.5” color touch screen controls all functions of all Weigh Scale Blenders®.

Easy component assignment
Easy assignment of each component type on a single screen.

Intuitive display
Intuitive, display and tracking of all parameters for up to 12 ingredients.

Easy access to parameters
Set Control Times, Vibration Control, Weight Limits, Components, Regrind Control and Mixer.

Recipe storage
Enter recipes as percentages or as ratios - stores up to 99 internal recipes.

Record keeping
Material usage, alarms and operation details are easily downloaded to a USB drive or a printer.

Flexible communications
Ethernet connectivity.

Automatic calibration
Auto self-check and load cell calibration.

Password security
Two-level password security.

Software updates
Can be uploaded via USB port.



Competition’s Touch Screen Control
Most blender controls are off-the-shelf generic PLC controls with these characteristics:
• Good for control of I/O.
• Slow at mathematical calculations (the heart of any blending system).
• Touch screen response is slow because it is a remote device operated by the PLC.
• Has no printer interface so cannot print without a PC link.

Superior Maguire Touch Screen Control
• Linux based computer providing high speed, multi-tasking, precision control.
• High speed mathematical calculations.
• USB connectivity:
      – Upload / download capability.
      – Direct print capability.
• Better graphics capability.
• Unlimited flexibility.
• Touch screen is the Maguire computer’s high speed display module, not a remote device.


Touchscreen Specifications:  
  • Controller dimensions: 9 1/8" width x 7" height x 3" depth.
  • Ethernet communications: 100 BASE-T, 100 Mbit/sec.
  • Communication protocol: MLAN commands. (Maguire Local Area Network)
  • USB Ports: USB flash drive printing.
  • Remote mounting maximum distance: 100 ft. (RS-232).
  • Internal recipe storage – 99.
  • Software updates: USB upload.


Standard Controller
Over 40,000 in use around the world.

Enter settings for percentage of color, additive or regrind on the thumbwheel switches, and the system does the rest.  Clear messages in 9 languages replaces coded readout.  User-friendly interface: 2-line, 40-character vacuum fluorescent display. USB included for software updates, printers and documentation.  Ethernet Capability now standard.  Advanced communications capable over Ethernet or serial for control and data collection.

The Standard controller is also available in Touch Screen for retrofit applications onto older Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders.  This controller has all of the Standard controller functionality in the original form factor while incorporating touch screen capablity.