MLAN Command Test Tool

Use this tool to determine if you can connect to your blender and successfully send and receive the MLAN commands that the G2 Software uses. Communicates commands over serial or Ethernet.

G2 Troubleshooting Guide

This document is written to help you troubleshoot a G2 problem. It covers some of the most common problems in setting up and running the G2 software. If you are having a problem with communications to the blenders, review this guide to help troubleshoot the problem.

Questions & Answers

I have started the G2 Server successfully however my G2 Client will not connect to the G2 Server. The G2 Server and G2 Client are running on the same computer and not connected to an Ethernet network. How can I get my Client to connect to the G2 Server?
The G2 Client uses the TCP/IP protocol to connect to the G2 Server, even when both the G2 Client and G2 Server are running on the same PC. The first step is to verify that your G2 Server has the TCP/IP protocol installed (please contact your network administrator for instructions for verifying that TCP/IP is installed). Most do have TCP/IP installed unless it has been removed. A more likely case is that Ethernet interface is down because there is not a network connected to the G2 Server computer. With some operating systems including Windows 2000 and Windows XP, if the Ethernet port is not connected to a network, the network interface card is shutdown. This in turn shuts down the TCP/IP protocol, which is needed for Client/Server communications. A relatively simple fix to this problem is to use an RJ-45 loopback plug. A loopback plug can be created or purchased. The loopback plug should be plugged into the G2 Server's Ethernet port. This should bring up the TCP/IP protocol.

To create a loopback plug, cross pin 1 (TX+) and pin 3 (RX+) together, and cross pin 2 (TX-) and pin 6 (RX-) together. You need the following equipment to create the loopback:
  • A 6-inch long CAT5 cable
  • An RJ-45 connector
  • A crimping tool
The image to the right illustrates how to create a loopback plug for an RJ-45 Ethernet interface.
May we clear the totals in the Weigh Scale Blender controller while using the G2 software to track material usage?
WARNING on Clearing Totals: Clearing totals in the controller resets the accumulated totals value. The G2 Server uses this value in the controller to track material usage. Clearing totals should only be used in a testing situation and not as standard practice during normal operation if you are using the G2 Server to track material usage. When clearing totals, be aware that G2 will not know that totals have been cleared if the WSB is listed as Offline or the G2 Server is not running, and may report an erroneous totals value in material usage reports. If totals are cleared in the controller, erroneous total values may need to be purged from the G2 material usage database. Erroneous records may be removed by using the Purge/Archive option in the G2 Client interface. To select individual records to purge, use the Advanced Purge option. For more information on purging totals, see the Gravimetric Gateway® Manual.

Notes on Clearing Totals and Turnovers

A common cause for large usage and negative numbers is clearing of the totals or turnovers. Usages stored by G2 for a tag, such as recipe or work order, are different from the accumulated totals stored in the blender. These usages, however, are calculated using the accumulated totals stored in the blender. Therefore, any drastic changes to the accumulated blender totals will directly affect G2 usages.

When totals are cleared at the blender, this resets the accumulated totals back to zero. It's similar to resetting the trip odometer in a automobile. Although the accumulated totals in the blenders are reset, the usages for a tag does not. For example, resetting the blender totals will not reset the amount of material already used for a recipe. G2 will try to compensate for any of these "resets" when G2 detects the change. Changes that G2 doesn't detect will cause invalid tag usage. Changes won't be detected when G2 is shut down or if a blender goes offline. DO NOT CLEAR THE TOTALS IN A BLENDER WITH THE BLENDER OFFLINE.

If a tag's usage suddenly is invalid (too large or negative) follow the procedure above to reset the blender before a retrieval time. If the retrieval times passes, the invalid usage will be logged. This will result in invalid reports.

Turnovers occur when the accumulated totals in the blenders reach their maximum storage capacity and restart accumulating from zero. Returning to the trip odometer example, it is similar to the trip odometer reaching its capacity, turning over, and restarting at zero.

Each blender component accumulates its own total. Therefore, each component has the potential to turnover. G2 will detect turnovers and calculate the correct usage.
  • 1. Do not clear the totals in a blender while the blender is offline in G2.

When an invalid usage is displayed in the view screens or in a report, it's usually related to one of the above reasons.
May we swap WSB controllers while running G2?
Before swapping WSB controllers there are a few things to be aware of prior to moving a controller.

Swapping WSB controllers can create invalid totals. The problem with swapping controllers is that the new controller that was swapped in place of the old controller will have different accumulated totals. This will create invalid usage totals when G2 requests the totals from the controller.

The proper way to swap controllers is the following:
  • Stop the current blender while it's still ONLINE.
  • Let a retrieval time pass. This will allow G2 to log material usage since the last retrieval time.
  • Delete the blender from the "Edit Blenders" screen in the G2 Client.
  • Disconnect and remove the blender.
  • Connect the new blender and set the ID number to the ID of the old blender (see *66 on the controller operators manual).
  • In the Blenders Edit screen, Add the blender ID again, then click "Add/Update".
  • Download a recipe to the blender to begin tracking material usage.
We have experienced problems with invalid numbers in the totals and want to start fresh. How should we proceed?
Making a clean start Use this procedure when there are bad or invalid numbers for specific blenders or all blenders in G2. This procedure can be used to correct improperly configured systems, or it can be used to reset the system to a known state such as in the event that totals have been cleared while G2 was unable to detect the change. This procedure will only reset or correct current data in the G2 software not the blenders . For example, if a recipe for a blender is displaying a large or negative usage, this procedure will restart the blender with new total values in G2, thus starting clean. *Caution: Data regarding the blender and the contents of the blender (recipe) will be deleted!
  • Start G2 Server.
  • Start a G2 client.
  • Select Blenders from the Edit menu.
  • Select the blender at the top of the blender list (or a specific blender in question).
  • Click delete.
  • Follow steps 4 and 5 until the blender list is empty (if resetting all).
  • Add the blenders back by creating them using this screen.
  • Download recipes to the blenders.
This procedure basically removes any current values and accumulated totals for a blender along with the blender data. Adding the blenders back will just reinitialize the blenders with empty values (a clean start). You will then need to re-download the recipe back to the blender.

This procedure can be used on a blender that has invalid data.
This procedure will not delete or remove logged totals.
The G2 server is running, but it doesn't detect any blenders.
Most likely there's a communication problem. Check all wiring to the WSBs again, and make sure the correct COM port was specified. The COM port can be changed/specified in the G2 Server window. When communication is established between the G2 server and the controllers, both of the signal amplifier lights should be flashing. Also be sure to assign each WSB a unique identification number prior to adding each WSB ID number to the Blender Edit screen.

Only one blender is ON-LINE. G2 Server reports that the other blenders are NOT INITIALIZED.

G2 Server is running in "lite" mode. This mode only allows the server to communicate with only one blender. In order to communicate with more blenders, a security key/signal amplifier must be purchased from Maguire Products to enable the full feature version of G2.
Does Maguire provide support for the conversion of MLAN dbs to G2 dbs? any blenders?
Maguire does not provide support in the form of specific details or an automatic software conversion tool.
How can MLAN dbs be converted to G2 dbs?
Follow these instructions
  • Open your MLAN db in Microsoft Access, and export them to a csv (comma separated values) formatted file.
  • Reopen the db in Microsoft Excel.
  • Reorder the columns so that they conform to the G2 format (described in manual). This requires moving columns to match the order of the G2 format.
  • Note: some MLAN columns might not exist in the G2 format, whereas others will have to be purged.
  • After the db columns are in the G2 format, save the file.
  • Start the G2 Server and a G2 client.
  • Select Import from the Main menu.
  • Choose the target db. Choose the file format. Choose the file that was previously saved.
  • Import choosing the test option. If there are errors, the db isn't in the correct format. Repeat the above steps. However, if there are no errors in the test, import without checking the test option.
I have security enable but I have forgotten my password and can not get back into G2. How can I fix this?
If the user isn't the administrator, simply have the administrator log in and change the user's password.

However, if it's the administrator who has forgotten his password, then you must do the following:
  • Stop the G2 Server
  • Delete the following files
This simply deletes the security databases and will delete all other users as well. As a rule when security is enabled there is no unpublished user that can log in and only an administrator has the power to disable security. The following is good practice.

If you plan not to use security features, enable the security so that you can assign the administrator's password. Disable security afterward. The first person to enable security has the privilege of assigning the administrator's password. Anyone who attempts to enable security at a later time with an administrator already assigned, will be prompted for the administrator's password.

If you plan to use security, enable security and provide a password. WRITE THIS PASSWORD DOWN SOMEWHERE.
My logged times in the G2 database seems to be consistently off by X number of hours. What would cause this?
This may be due to one of a few things. First check the time of your computer's BIOS. This can be done by typing "time" at the DOS prompt or by double-clicking on the time in the toolbar of your computer. G2 uses the system time from the BIOS of your computer to log data to the databases. Second possibility may be related to the time zone your computer is using. Java supports only a set number specific times zones because nations are sovereign powers that can and do change their timekeeping systems as they see fit.


If your time zone is not listed, it is recommended that you set your computer's time zone to match one of these supported time zones. Because some time zones support daylight savings and some do not, select a time zone that matches your own. If your time zone is not supported and you do not use a time zone from the list, the G2 software may report inaccurate times in logging data.

For a list of supported time zones.
How do I get Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000 to automatically start the G2 Server when the computer is turned on?
The simplest way to get any version of Windows to automatically start the G2 Server is by copying the G2 Server shortcut to the Startup folder in the start menu. This, however, does not cause an un-attended computer that is powered on to come up automatically and start the G2 Server if a login is required. If the computer used to run the G2 Server requires a username and password, then this information will have to be entered before the G2 Server will be started unless the computer is re-configured not to require a password or to automatically supply the username and password.

Also in some cases it may be desired to have a computer come up automatically and start the G2 Server if power is lost. Whether automatic power on is possible is dependant on your computer's hardware and how your operating system is setup.

These three issues are addressed from the links below.


AUTOMATIC LOGIN - Windows 95/98/ME

AUTOMATIC LOGIN - Windows 2000


Using the STARTUP folder in the Start Menu
When I start the G2 Server or the G2 Client, I receive a Windows error message regarding my video display and/or color (or the Server and Client simply don't start). Why?
In some cases this is due to the video drivers not meeting the minimal graphics requirements for G2. The minimal requirements are 256 color and 800 x 600 monitor resolution. If your graphics are below these requirements, the G2 Server may not open or you will receive a warning message, depending on your operating system. A Windows 95 or 98 system will may display a warning message while a Windows NT system may possibly not allow the G2 Server or client to open. This depends on the graphics adapter you have. In either case, it is recommended that the minimal graphics requirements are met to avoid display type issues.
When installing the G2 software on a PC with Windows NT or 2000, the error message "Severe: Failed to Create Program Folder" occurs and installation is halted.
This problem is corrected by logging out of NT and back in as Administrator, or someone with Administrator privileges on the PC and perform the installation again.

This error occurs when a user without administrator level rights attempts to perform the installation. Under Windows NT or 2000, only users who have administrator level rights are allowed to create common program objects. Since G2 creates a common program folder during installation, administrator level rights are required.
Why is it that when I run a report for a single day, some material usage data is included from the following day.
Most likely this is due to the "End Of Day" time set in the setup screen of G2. In Setup you may set the time that will determine the "end of day" time for report generating. The "end of day" time works like a retrieval time however what sets it apart from a retrieval time is that the "end of day" time will determine the ending time of a generated report. It is important to understand that the "end of day" time is not necessarily the end of the 24-hour day but rather the end of the last shift of the day, which in some cases will extend into the next physical day on the calendar. An example of how the "end of day" time will work would be as follows. If the last shift of a day (3rd shift) starts at 11pm and ends at 7am the next morning, then the "end of day" time is set to 7am. A report that is generated for a single day would include the entire last shift that extended from 11pm into the next morning ending at 7am the following day. Material processed during most of the 3rd shift was actually processed during the next day on the calendar but is included in the report because the "end of day" time. If day to day reporting is to be generated based on the calendar days and not to include a shift, which overlaps dates, leave the "end of day" time set to 12:00 AM.
Why do I see the following error message: "Error getting all parameters"?
The G2 Server will attempt to send a Blender the "Get All Parameters" command. If successful, G2 will fill in the Parameter table of the Blender Edit screen with all parameters within the Blender. The "Get All Parameters" command was introduced to the Blender's ROM chip in 1996, however, this command was not present in several chip versions released during the years 1999, 2000 , 2001 and early 2002. Because the command was not present before 1996, G2 will not probe a pre-1996 Blender. Depending on your version of G2, the G2 Server may probe the Blender with the "Get All Parameters" command if your chip was programmed after 1996. If G2 is unsuccessful in receiving a response from the Blender when this command is sent it may display "Error getting All Parameters" with certain chip versions produced after 1996. This does not affect normal operation of G2. The parameters table is only for convenient access to the parameters of the Blender for viewing and changing through the G2 software. An error getting all parameters, in most cases only indicates that the command is not present in your chip.

If it is important to utilize any MLAN commands that are not present in your program chip version, upgrades are available. For a list of parameters and their introduction history, see this page: MLAN Command Introduction History. For chip upgrades contact Maguire Products Inc.
When installing the Gravimetric Gateway software, the installation stops and shows the error message: "An error occurred during the move data process:-115". Why?
This can occur during an upgrade of the G2 Software in certain circumstances. These circumstances are: if the G2 Server or G2 Client running (or G2's javaw.exe process was running in the background without any visible software running), if a file in the G2 directory is locked or is in use, if any of the files in the g2 or g2g2data folder are marked as read-only, if the hard drive is out of free space or in some cases if anti-virus software is running. Another reason might be that the person logging into the computer didn't have write permissions to the drive or over-write permissions to files owned by someone else. Yet another reason could be that there are too many files in your system temp directory.

The first thing to do is empty your system temp directory (usually c:windowstemp or c:winnttemp). This directory has a size limit on the amount of data that it can hold. If it is too full, G2's installation files won't be able to expand in the directory.

Then reboot the workstation, log in as a user with administrative privileges and do not start the G2 Server or Client. Logging in as an administrator will allow the user to install a program and over-write files owned by another user. Then try the installation again. The message "An error occurred during the move data process:-115" is usually caused when the Installer program didn't unlock files properly. Rebooting your computer will "unlock" the files and should allow the installation to proceed normally.

If rebooting does not free up the locked file(s) an alternate solution is to install the G2 Software into a different location. For instance, if the original installation is c:g2, installing G2 into a folder named c:g2-31 does not have to overwrite a locked file. Your data will then have to be manually copies from the original location, c:g2g2data into the new data local c:g2-31g2data. When copying the databases, copy all but the files and language.key. These databases may have been updated by the installation and should not be over-written by older files.

In cases where free hard drive space is not available, you will have to make space available before proceeding with the install or upgrade.