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Venturi Loading Systems

Maguire Venturi Loaders keep your hopper filled automatically and are available with both visual and audible alarms to warn if the loader fails to fill the hopper. If floor personnel fail to respond to the alarms within 5 minutes, a process shutdown feature (available as an option) will shut off the flow of natural material to the process (preventing production of off-color parts). The control can accommodate up to 4 switches to control 4 venturi loaders.

Choose from Four Models

Model ML
Model ML automatically loads material at rates of up to 200 lbs. per hour. A low-level sensor signals an air solenoid to begin loading. Loading continues until the sensor is covered. An in-line ON/OFF switch is located on the power cord of the loader.
Model MPL-AS
Model MPL-AS adds an additional timer and a material-shutoff valve to the (alarm-equipped) Model ML-A. If floor personnel do not satisfy the alarm condition within five minutes, a material flow valve is activated. This valve discontinues the flow of natural material to the process, thereby preventing the process from continuing.
Model ML-A
Model ML-A adds audio and strobe-light alarms to the Model ML, which alert the operator to exhausted material supply or stoppages. If loader "ON" time exceeds two minutes, a STROBE light will flash, and electronic beeper will sound continuously until floor personnel respond.
Model ML-1R Regrind Loader
Model ML-1R is designed specifically for regrind. A larger diameter air amplifier and tube are used for maximum air flow and efficient conveying of regrind. This unit is very effective for emptying granulator drawers equipped for vacuum takeoff. The ML-1R venturi loader will not convey pellets it is designed for regrind only.