What's New » Loader with See-Through Body Provides Accurate, Bridge-Free Discharge and is Easy to Deploy and Clean Out

Loader with See-Through Body Provides Accurate, Bridge-Free Discharge and is Easy to Deploy and Clean Out

Loader with See-Through Body Provides Accurate, Bridge-Free Discharge and is Easy to Deploy and Clean Out

GlassVu™ GVL Motorized Vacuum Loader from Maguire Is Self-Contained System Whose Clear Center Section Gives Full View of Loading for Easy Setup and Monitoring

ASTON, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A., August 20, 2009: A motorized vacuum loader unique for its cylindrical shape and wrap-around see-through section makes it easy for plastics processors to set up and monitor the loading of resin pellets and regrind, and provides fast, free-flowing evacuation of these materials, it was announced today by Maguire Products, Inc.

The GlassVu™ GVL loader is a self-contained unit of modular design, with an onboard motor at the top and a built-in microprocessor control at the base. A slanted hinged lid at top provides easy access for cleanout and filter changing. The cylindrical body of the loader has a center section of borosilicate glass. The cylinder shape extends all the way down to the discharge area, eliminating the conventional cone-shaped bottom, whose narrow section can cause agglomeration or bridging of material.

Located at the base of the loader body, the discharge assembly efficiently controls the flow of materials with a pneumatically driven, positive-seal discharge valve that prevents vacuum leaks associated with flapper valves. The material drops into a hopper through a mechanical, counterbalanced level switch, which automatically returns to its normal position once material is evacuated.

“The discharge section of the GlassVu GVL loader is designed to break up bridging of material and provide fast, flawless evacuation,” said Frank Kavanagh, national sales manager. “Use of a mechanical level switch avoids false readings and frequent adjustments encountered with electronic level sensors because of dust or static electricity.”

The discharge area design also makes possible flush mounting of the loader onto a hopper by means of a mounting flange at the base of the loader. For mounting directly onto a processing machine, Maguire supplies a glass hopper, which is contained within a sturdy frame that supports the loader. The hopper pivots out of the frame for easy draining of residual material.

Other user-friendly features cited by Kavanagh include a rotating inlet that allows 360-degree access for hoses, a patented blowback system that cleans the entire surface of the filter with one blast, and a handle for easy portability.

The GVL-10 model, with capacity of 10 lb. (4.5 kg), is only 29 in. (74 cm) high and 8 in. (20 cm) in diameter. An optional cabled pendant is available for controlling the unit from a distance on the shop floor. The unit is sold with Maguire’s five-year warranty on all components except wear items such as filters.

A streaming video in which Maguire’s Frank Kavanagh points out the features of the GVL loader and explains their benefits is posted on the home page at www.maguire.com.


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