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Series MGF

Series MGF
MGF-ST Gravimetric Feeder
Simple, Accurate, Affordable
  • Throughput capacity: Injection molding –Up to 40.0 lb/hr(18 kg/hr), Extrusion –Up to 120.0 lb/hr(55 kg/hr)
  • The MGF proven loss-in-weight technology automatically calibrates itself, totally eliminating manual catch-and-weigh calibration procedures and even more common and erroneous guessing of metering rates.
  • No tools required for assembly or removal of load cell assembly, hopper and metering device
  • The throat adapter fits readily on most processing machine throats and easily supports nearly any main material supply hopper
  • Fast Clean-out and Replacement - Aluminum hopper with brushed exterior holds up to 25 lb of concentrate. Easy removal and replacement of supply hopper allows fast color change. Spare supply hoppers are available.

Eliminate Waste of Colorants and Additives

This compact loss-in-weight additive feeder precisely measures the amount of additive that is fed directly into the machine throat to eliminate costly waste.

Standard features:

  • 4 Standard Modes of Operation

    Cyclical, continuous, extrusion following and rate (vol/hr).
  • Reduces Input Error

    The easiest setup procedure in the industry: enter let-down ratio and either shot weight or lb/hr output and press start. Feeder automatically adjusts to screw recovery time and extruder output.
  • Fine Metering Resolution

    100 rpm Stepper Motor advances at 200 increments per revolution. In combination with digital control, the 200-step rotation achieves fine metering resolution of ± 0.2%.
  • Automatic Re-calibration Ensures Continuous Accuracy

    Automatic adjustments guarantee that feed rate is held to within ± 0.2% of desired let-down ratio.
  • Dual Load Cells

    Balanced load readings improve accuracy.
  • Torque-limiting Drive Coupling

    Protects drive motor in case of jammed auger.
  • Easy-to-Use Microprocessor Controller Saves Time

    User-friendly controller has intuitive setup procedure.
  • USB Port

    Allows data download, data printout and software update capability.
  • Detailed Material Usage Documentation

    Microprocessor control allows data collection via G2 networking software, or MLAN protocol via Ethernet.
  • Eliminates Downtime Associated with Color Change

    Feeder automatically re-calibrates to new color, so no additional setup required. Spare hoppers available for faster color changes.
  • Exclusive 5-Year Warranty

    Maguire Products offers one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business.

Easy To Use Microprocessor Controller

  • Large, user-friendly keypads for easy input
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Can be mounted remotely with optional extension cables
  • Password protection
  • Injection
  • Easy Set-up
  • Extrusion
  • Choose the mode of operation for your process: CYCLE for injection OR CONTINUOUS, EXTRUSION FOLLOWING or RATE for extrusion applications
  • Enter let-down ratio "LDR" and either shot size "SHOT / WT" or extruder output "LBS / HOUR" Press "ON" and "RUN"

  • As material is metered into the feed throat, the dual load cells under the loss-in-weight hopper detect material usage Loss-in-weight data is gathered by the controller and monitored continuously


Frame Assembly Dimensions
Throat adapter has blind flanges for custom drilling


AGL Venturi Loader

Exclusive, cost effective loading solution, ensures dosing accuracy of 0.1% of set point. Loader is automatically activated by MGF controller.
Technical Specifications
  Inches mm Inches mm Inches mm
Auger Diameter 3/8" 9.5 1/2" 12.7 1" 25.4
Extrusion lb/hr* kg/hr* lb/hr* kg/hr* lb/hr* kg/hr*
Minimum Rate 0.4 0.18 0.6 0.3 4 1.8
Maximum Rate 8 3.6 40 18 120 55
Injection shot size x LDR/screw recovery = grams/second
Maximum Rate 1 gm/sec 5 gm/sec 20 gm/sec
Minimum Dispense 0.25 gram 0.5 gram 5 gram
*Based on material density of 55 lb/ft3 (881 kg/m3)