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Low profile vacuum loading system for single and multiple blenders
Self-controlling receivers in Maguire's LoPro™ system are extremely compact at up to 80% reduction in height and easy to configure for automated ‘mini-central’ conveying to multiple blenders.

Low profile design

At up to 80% lower than traditional receivers, the Maguire LoPro unit easily fits into your existing production set up. The low profile receivers provide a low centre of gravity that minimizes effects of vibration from fast-cycling processing machines.

Autonomous control

The system consists of autonomously controlled receivers which poll for vacuum taking vacuum and loading when free. No separate control or complicated set up and settings - the system controls itself.

Simple connection and installation

The cabling is plug and play with each component linked in sequence. Receivers load on a first-in / first-out basis.
LowPro Circle Face

Brushless motor

Vacuum is supplied from a minicentral unit on a portable stand and is powered by a single-phase brushless motor which requires minimal maintenance.

Simple to operate

Precise fill times can be applied using the user-friendly set time button.


Audible and visual alarms will notify the user if material is not loading on each receiver or the air filter needs attention.

Large discharge flap

The wide discharge flap in the LoPro receiver is up to 4 times wider than the flap on a conventional upright receiver, making possible a dump time of under 2 seconds per cycle. This makes the system ideal for poor-flowing, low-density flake.

Simplified maintenance

All operating components are housed in a removable module that allows for quick, on-the-fly cleaning and maintenance and easy access to the filter.
Front Access

Automatic filter cleaning

Our patented "air blast" design, clears the entire filter area so effectively that the filter never needs to be serviced for routine cleaning.

5-year warranty

The LoPro system is supported by the Maguire
5-year warranty program.

User-friendly side access

With the unit positioned on its side, it's positioned at a height at which it's easy to access the vacuum pipe, filter, solenoid, alarm and electric connection, compared to multiple points of contact on conventional receivers.

LoPro Conveying: Capacity

LowPro Capacity
* utilizing 1.3Hp (970w) Single Phase Brushless Motor



LoPro Data Sheet


Side View
Front View


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LoPro Specification:

Capacity Volume Height Standard Inlet Diameter
lbkg cubic ftliters
If system contains 250lbs of material, the system will be filled in 15 minutes.
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