What's New » Chicago, IL - Advanced Blender Controller With Touchscreen Has Wireless Connectivity and ‘Lightning Fast’ Response

Chicago, IL - Advanced Blender Controller With Touchscreen Has Wireless Connectivity and ‘Lightning Fast’ Response

In Addition, Maguire Has Enhanced Its Standard Controller for Greater User-Friendliness, Broader Communications with Other Systems, and More Versatile Deployment
CHICAGO, June 19, 2006 - While an easy-to-navigate touchscreen user interface is the most conspicuous feature of a completely new controller for Maguire® gravimetric blenders, the innovations inside provide user advantages that are at least as dramatic, according to Maguire Products, Inc., which is introducing the system at NPE 2006 (Booth 5507). The controller is the first to provide wireless connectivity, eliminating the cost and complications of running cable through the plant. And in comparison with conventional blender controllers, the new system’s “lightning-fast” response to operator input is “like the difference between dialup and broadband,” according to product manager Terry Good.

Maguire has also enhanced its standard controller by replacing coded read-outs with messages in plain English and other languages, added flash memory and a USB port, made Ethernet connectivity standard, and eliminated need to change chips in order to update software.

“Both the advanced ‘touchscreen” controller and the enhanced standard system make deployment and operation of our blenders easy and intuitive and provide fast, seamless communication with other information systems,” Good said. “By combining wireless connectivity and a capability of communicating both internally and with outside systems at speeds of up to100 megabits per second, the new touchscreen controller readily links Maguire blenders with other wireless-equipped machines, regardless of manufacturer.”   
Enhanced Standard Controller Streamlines Operation, Updates, and Networking

Maguire has built five new or improved features into the standard controller:

  • User-friendly interface. A new two-line, 40-character vacuum fluorescent display
    (VFD) provides detailed messaging and can be set to deliver text in English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Maguire plans to add five more languages.
  • USB port. The addition of this connection option broadens the range of printers that can be connected with the controller.
  • Software updates via email, without need of installing a new chip from Maguire. The company has added flash memory programming that, along with the new USB port, makes it possible to update the software using a memory stick. Alternatively, updates can be downloaded from a PC through a serial port in the controller.
  • Ethernet capability now standard.  An external device is no longer required to translate between the controller microprocessor, with internal communication speeds of 2.4 megabits per second, and external Ethernet networks. This translation capability is now built into the system, making possible communication with outside systems at a speed of 10 megabits per second.
  • Single card for fieldbus communication. The new Communications Gateway Card facilitates communication between the blender and other devices via Profibus, DeviceNet, and other widely used networking languages.

The advanced controller is available only for new blenders and upon customer specification; otherwise, Maguire will equip all new blenders with the enhanced standard controller and will also provide a retrofit module that connects to an existing serial port.  

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