What's New » Guangzhou - Microplus™ Blender Has Greater Capacity Than Microblender® But The Same User-Friendly Features For Reduced Downtime

Guangzhou - Microplus™ Blender Has Greater Capacity Than Microblender® But The Same User-Friendly Features For Reduced Downtime

Four Removable Hoppers Permit Fast Color Changes; Optional Pneumatic System Provides Easy Access for Cleanout

GUANGZHOU, May 21, 2007 - The world’s smallest gravimetric blender now has a big brother with similar talents: While the new MicroPlus™ blender from Maguire Asia accommodates processing machine throughputs of 45-160 kg per hour instead of the 45-kg maximum of the widely used MicroBlender®, it provides the same user-friendly features for reducing downtime during color or job changeovers, the company announced today. Maguire Asia is introducing the MicroPlus blender to the Asian market at Chinaplas 2007 (Stand 1D-301.

Like the MicroBlender, the MicroPlus blender has four hoppers that are removable for quick cleanout and product changeover. The hoppers are typically used for natural resin, regrind, color, and additive. While the dispensing systems in three of the hoppers are pneumatic vertical valves, there is a corner valve in the hopper for regrind, which sometimes flows poorly compared with other ingredients. “The vertical valves are particularly important for precise dispensing of minor ingredients like colorant, while the corner valve provides enhanced flow for bulk ingredients or materials that have large or variable particle sizes,” said Hubert Nerlich, managing director of Maguire Asia.

For machine configurations involving use of loaders mounted atop the blender, Maguire has developed an optional, patent-pending pneumatic system that further reduces changeover time by automatically lifting the hopper lids on which the loaders are mounted, easing the process of gaining access to the hoppers and to the bottom of the loaders.

More than 4,000 MicroBlenders are now in operation, according to Mr. Nerlich, and Maguire recently enhanced the system by converting the hoppers to stainless steel for greater resistance to corrosion and surface damage, and by incorporating new-design vertical valves with greater resistance to jamming. These improvements are standard on the new MicroPlus blender.
Another standard feature on the MicroPlus is a newly enhanced controller developed for the entire Maguire® line of blenders, with a number of improvements for greater user friendliness, broader communications with other systems, and more versatile deployment. Alternatively, customers can specify the company’s touchscreen controller, also new, with wireless connectivity and built-in Ethernet architecture.


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