Blow Molding & ISBM Process

Maguire has a wide range of solutions for mono and multi-layer Blow Molding applications, as well as ISBM applications too, for all aspects of materials handling before the process. These include equipment for metering and dosing masterbatch and liquid colors, gravimetric blending systems, materials conveying and materials drying for PC, PA and PET applications.

Maguire is the world leader for providing gravimetric blending systems for blow molding applications, where control of percentages of materials are critical to a consistent parison control and bottle weight. In addition, as new materials become adopted for different products and the choice to blend more and more components together like Calciums or rHDPE and rPET, the importance of proper materials control is crucial for all blow molded products.

For continuous extrusion blow molding operations, Maguire also offer the WXB series of gravimetric blender for constant output control, enabling automatic regulation of the screw to ensure consistent material extrusion, closing down production variables and optimizing start-up and cycle times.

For ISBM applications the ULTRA dryer provides a unique solution for drying raw materials and enables customers to process at the lowest kW per lb or Kg. Adaptive throughput control and auto shutdown offer further process benefits.

With 30+ years of Blow Molding and ISBM application experience, backed with thousands of installations globally, Maguire have supplied a diverse range of Blow Molding industries, including medical, pharma, lubricants, diary, food packaging, consumer products, commercial products, automotive and construction.

Maguire Blow Molding Experience

Blow Molding & ISBM Benefits

WSB 240 Blender

WSB Gravimetric Blenders

Mount blender on throat for optimum mix control. Automatic regrind usage. Expensive masterbatch control.

ULTRA 150 Dryer

ULTRA Dryers

ULTRA low energy drying. Faster start-ups, minimal maintenance, reduced footprint.

MGF Feeder

MGF Gravimetric Feeders

Software and hardware reduces waste of colorants and additives drastically.

Materials conveying

Conveying Systems

Wide range of materials conveying solutions for small, medium and large applications. 

WXB 460 Blender

WXB Gravimetric Blenders

Up to 10% material cost reduction from automatic gram/meter / micron regulation.

LPD 30 Dryer

LPD Dryers

Energy efficient drying for small technical drying.

MS4 PeriStep Pump

Liquid Color Pumps

Easy and precise metering of liquid color & additives.

Sweeper System


Smart unloading for gaylords & octobins.

WSB Blender with LowPro Loaders

LowPro Conveying System

Ideal for individual conveying applications for single and multiple material stations.

GHR Clear Vu Receiver

GHR Clear-Vu Receivers

Clear-Vu™ receivers for easy visual status on loading.

Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric feeders for granule, powder, regrind and liquid.

PRS Purging Recovery System

PRS Purging Recovery

Transform purgings into high quality regrind.