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WSB Gravimetric Blenders

The Maguire blender is the most popular and reliable gravimetric blender worldwide.

  • 10 blender series with over 120 models
  • Close to 60,000 Maguire Gravimetric Blenders running worldwide
  • More standard models than any other producer

Blenders Built to Perform

Robust Construction

  • 30+ years of experience in Gravimetric Blending.
  • Robust hardware integrated with industry leading software control.
  • Consistent accuracy that is simple and easy to use.

5 Year Warranty

  • Industry leading, comprehensive 5 Year Warranty.
  • Warranty as robust as the blender system.

Simple Operation

Maguire Blenders operate in 3 simple steps:

  1. Load material hoppers with regrind, natural, color and additive.
  2. Set the recipe percentage for each material.
  3. Blend batch by batch direct to your process.

Simple Material Changes and Maintenance

  • Easy access to all material contact surfaces - including hoppers, weigh bin and mix chamber.
  • System operates with minimal maintenance - no tools required. 

Install Where You Like

Maguire Blenders can universally be installed however best for a process, including: 

  1. Blender mounted on throat for optimum mix control, maximum use of space, easy access.
  2. Blender mounted on floor stand for easy access beside the machine, simple material changes.
  3. Blender mounted on Mezzanine floor for easy access above the machine.

How Maguire Blenders Work:Easily Change Material on Maguire Blenders:Install Maguire Blenders Anywhere:  

Buy Maguire Experience

Maguire revolutionized gravimetric blending when it launched the first Maguire Batch Blender in 1989. 

The evolution and development of the Maguire blender has been constant throughout 30+ years, based on customer feedback and continuous research and development - with over 200+ patents and counting. 

The Maguire Control Logic

Each blender is equipped with blender software to provide solutions for every type of processing challenge. When you buy a Maguire, you buy experience.

  • Close to 60,000 units operating across thousands of applications and industries.
  • All controls are interchangeable and backward compatible.
  • Multiple features and functions as standard, providing the most flexible dosing and blending control in the industry.

Latest Generation Blender Control - 4088 Touchscreen

  • FlexBus Lite full feature conveying control.
  • Maguire's latest 4088 controller is fully backward compatible.
  • More features and functions built into software as standard. 
  • Maguire OS updates with latest features and functions. 
  • Intuitive graphics, intuitive to use. 
  • Fast and simple to swap out in the event of service and support.
  • Powerful microprocessor control - fast and responsive user experience. 

Integrated Conveying Control:

Steve's View on Accuracy

When adding color to your process, today as in the past, processors focus on product quality and cost. Accuracy was, and still is, the key to achieving these objectives. Not just accuracy when first set up, but continuous accuracy over the entire production run.

Since our introduction of the first reasonably priced gravimetric blender in 1989, the product we gave the name "Weigh Scale Blender", gravimetric has virtually replaced volumetric blending for one simple reason; gravimetric assures that we maintain these two objectives, hour after hour, day after day, without operator intervention or frequent monitoring and correction.

In the past, over coloring was the norm. Today, blending by weight has solved that problem.

Today no one questions that Gravimetric is better then Volumetric. Instead, ads now often make sales claims about their blenders high level of "accuracy". This paper about accuracy, which Steve Maguire wrote over 25 years ago, still remains true today. There is still no standard way to measure "accuracy".

Claims continue about accuracy based on "percentage" values, but seldom is there supporting data or explanation of what their number means. We are left to guess at the meaning.

Steve Maguire in 1990 with the launch of the WSB 140R This paper explains what they may, or may not, be saying. Then you can decide what accuracy means.

Download Steve's explanation here. 

Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

Accuracy to ± 0.1% on a 1% Setting

  • Repeatable consistent dosing accuracy - 1/10 percent of requested target. 
  • Dosing dynamically adjusts as densities / flow rates change.

Load Cells 

  • Load cell resolution is 1/40 of a gram (about 1 pellet) - the addition of just 1 pellet will cause the reading output to increment by 1.
  • Over an extended time period the system is extremely accurate. 
  • Each batch followed by an error correct routine - assuring the next batch "learns" from any significant error that may have occurred. 

Dispense Devices 

  • Range of dispense valves for high throughput, minor components, poor flowing regrind, high volume pellets, and accurate low percentage dosing. 
  • Dose a range of percentages with maximum accuracy and control. 

Real Time Data

  • Blender measures every gram of every material.
  • System monitors accuracy of total recipe and adjusts dosing.

Save Masterbatch & Additive up to 30%

  • Precision dosing devices for accurate, repeatable control.
  • Integrated software to optimize dosing accuracy in relation to whole blend.

Maximize on Regrind Usage

  • Software and hardware controls regrind effectively.
  • Options for maximizing regrind consumption and minimizing color usage.

Complete ROI - Within 6-9 Months 

  • Increased regrind levels, reduced masterbatch & additive settings can pay for the blender within 6-9 months.
  • Maguire blender eliminates manual handling and reduce operation costs dramatically.

Vibration Management

  • System is proven to manage accuracy in vibration environments.
  • Unique controls and features to enhance even extreme environments.

4088 Controller with FlexBus Lite

1. User Friendly HMI

Quick, simple to understand icons & graphics make set up quick & easy.

3. Quick & Easy Settings

See operation of blender, label materials & hoppers, view material percentage & type.

5. Quick Access to Popular Features & Functions

View material data, Access Recipe database, toggle Batch mode on and offline, Tag information and to increase throughput, operate in Fast mode.

7. Weigh Bin and Mix Chamber

Throughput, weight and dispensing component of each batch, plus status of material being mixed.

12345678Photo of WSB Gravimetric Blenders

2. Alarms & User History

Exportable history as text files with date and time stamps.

4. Live Diagnostics

Materials usage and diagnostic reports for every cycle - printable to USB.

6. FlexBus Lite

The little brother of FlexBus - allows you to control up to 10 receivers and 1 vacuum pump.

8. System Parameters & Functions

Access to all features of blender to allow you to customize system to your process if required.

Capacity: 10 - 450 lb/h (5 - 200 kg/h)

Capacity: 450 - 4,500 lb/h (200 - 2,000 kg/h)

Capacity: 1,500 - 11,000 lb/h (700 - 5,000 kg/h)

WSB Blender Options

Dosing & Dispense Devices
Large Gram Target
3" x 6" slide gates  (76 mm x 152 mm)Standard dispense devise for free-flowing materials
High volume pivot valveDispense valve for granules for high throughput applications
Corner ValveFor poor flowing regrind or high volume pellets
Wood Flour / Powder FeederFor low bulk density powders
Medium Gram TargetDescription
3" x 6" slide gates  (51 mm x 152 mm)Standard dispense devise for free-flowing materials
Pivot ValveVertical valve for removable hoppers
Add-on Pellet FeederAdd on feeder - 3 sizes - for dosing additive & masterbatch granules
Add-on Powder FeederAdd on feeder - 3 sizes - for dosing free flowing additive powders
Low Gram TargetDescription
Carousel valveVertical valve for low dosing (10 gram or less)
Add-on pellet feederAdd on feeder - 3 sizes - for dosing additive & masterbatch granules
Add-on powder feederAdd on feeder - 3 sizes - for dosing free flowing additive powders
Add-on liquid color feederLiquid color pump integrates to blender to dispense liquid colors and additives
Build OptionsDescription
Hopper ExtensionsRange of hopper extension sizes for different models to increase storage capacity
Bridge BreakersRange of bridge breakers to keep regrind / flake flow consistent
Low Level Hopper Alarm1 to 4 position low level hopper sensors to alert critically low materials in material hoppers
Removable HoppersFor quick access & material changes
Removable Hopper Receiver Support BracketSupport bracket to 2 removable hoppers, for easy hopper access and removal
Dual Level Sensor for mix ChamberIn lieu of single sensor on new WSB
Remote Red Sensor Mount AssemblyFor mix chamber
Self-draining Mix Chamber AssemblyFor quick & easy clean out of mix chamber
Hopper Material Drain ChuteFor quick & easy clean out of material hoppers
High Temperature Configuration300°F / 150°C
4088 Touchscreen Controller OptionAllows full process visualization with simple graphics and easy HMI interface. Provides additional features over standard control including throughput and usage data  & FlexBus Lite Materials Conveying Control, with all production parameters in one screen.
Controller Remote Cable KitCable to locate the touchscreen remotely
Regrind Management OptionTo automatically adjust regrind levels and manage regrind effectively. Available for all Maguire controller generations.
Flow Control Butterfly ValveInstalled between blender and feed to machine to ensure material is held in mix chamber for good mixing prior to automatic release.
Flow Control AssemblyTo ensure material is held in mix chamber for good mixing prior to automatic release into extruder (if mounted on machine throat) or material bin (if mounted on VTA stand)
VTA Blender Floor StandBlender mounted on floor stand to allow for easy access beside the machine. Quick material changes and cleaning.
Floor Stand WheelsFor highly mobile units
Additional Stand ProbesProbe for vacuum take-off stand
Clear-Vu Surge HopperClear view of material loading
Stub TubesFor use when WSB Blender is mounted on mezzanine floor
4088 Touchscreen - FlexBus LiteDescription
FlexBus Vacuum Pumps & FiltersSelect Pump and then add FlexBus Control Module
FlexBus Communication CablePre made cable sets with quick connections for easy start-up
FlexBus Retrofit KitUpgrade existing conveying system to run with FlexBus Lite