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ML Series Venturi Loaders

Compact Venturi Loader for loading minor components.

  • For masterbatch & additive loading beside the machine
  • Ideal conveying distance 6 - 9 feet (2 - 3 meters)
  • Load from 1 to 4 individual materials

Loading Minor Components

Maguire Venturi Loaders load minor materials automatically and are available in a range of build options including with load alarms, auto shut off, and options for loading regrind.

ML Hopper Mounts

  • There is a choice of hopper mounts according to the type of hopper being loaded – for compact hoppers such as Micro Blender hoppers there is a diffuser box mount to help defuse conveying air, and for larger removable hoppers or feeder hoppers there is a simple stub tub mount adapter.

ML Control – 1 to 4 Venturi Loaders

  • The ML control can accommodate and conveniently control up to 4 venturi loaders from the single ML control panel. 

ML Conveying Throughput

  • All ML models can automatically load material at rates of up to a maximum of 200 lb/h (90 kg/h), based on beside the press conveying distances of 6 to 9ft (2 to 3m), conveying materials of a normal bulk density.

ML Model Build Variants

Model ML

  • Standard ML Venturi loader - operated by a sensor positioned in the material hopper or feeder that controls material loading level in the hopper. The sensor signals a pneumatic solenoid to begin loading. Loading continues until the sensor is covered. 

Model ML-A

  • Model ML-A adds audio / strobe light alarm to the Model ML, which alert the operator to material supply running out. If loading time exceeds two minutes, the alarm will sound / flash until the situation is corrected.

Model ML-AS

  • Model ML-AS adds an additional timer and a material-shutoff valve to the (alarm-equipped) Model ML-A. If floor personnel do not correct the alarm condition within five minutes, a material flow valve is activated, stopping natural supply, preventing the process from continuing.

Model ML-1R Regrind Loader

  •  Model ML-1R is designed specifically for regrind. A larger diameter air amplifier and tube are used for maximum air flow and efficient conveying of regrind. This unit is effective for emptying compact granulators. The ML-1R will not convey pellets.

Automatic Venturi Loaders

1. Loader Controller

Accommodates up to four switches to control up to four venturi loaders.

3. Air Flow

Use just enough air to ensure steady, continuous flow.

5. Vacuum Generator

One vacuum generator supplied per station. When sensor is uncovered the air solenoid is turned on, conveying material into the hopper.

123456Photo of ML Series Venturi Loaders

2. Alarm Options

Options for control box with alarm strobe light for audible and visual notifications, plus option for system shut down if alarm is activated.

4. Material Sensor

Sensor installs on the hopper or lid. A level sensor fits into the sensor mount to measure the level of material in the hopper.

6. Mounting Options

Mounting options for both Blenders and Feeders. 

ML Venturi Loader Series

4 Models to load from 1 to 4 material stations.