Benefits of Upgrading a Blown Film Line


Maguire + Syncro worked together to support a Food packaging producer improve the efficiency and correct critical issues on their blown film line. 

  • Food packaging producer in the USA.
  • Blown film process. 
  • Kiefel Co-Extrusion Line - 3 layer Blown film plant (2000 model).
  • Critical lay flat variations.
  • Critical bubble non uniformity and lack of stability.
  • 2 sigma deviation between 10 and 13%. 
  • Increase throughput.

Technical Specifications of Blown Film Line

  • Line output: 220 Kg/h (500 pph)
  • Die size: 350mm 
  • Material: LL / LLDPE blend 
  • Lay flat: 550mm to 1990mm
  • Film thickness: 60 to 155 micron
  • Screw sizes: 60 / 60 / 80mm
  • Haul off type: Oscillating 

Maguire + Syncro Products Installed

  • WXB Gravimetric Blender with M+S Extrusion Control with PLC I/O. Control interfaces to #1 Extruder + #1 Haul Off.
  • Conveying management by blender. 
  • Air ring - Typhoon with one lipset engineered with 2 air streams to optimize stability and cooling, enabling increases in output. 
  • Air ring provided with stabilizer with manual adjustment. 
  • New calibration basket with the addition of OBC control and lay flat control. 
  • New gauging system - SkYmex capacitive gauging system
  • New supervisory system - Syntrol Extrusion Control. The line has been configured so an upgrade to Maguire + Syncro's supervisory system can be easily setup in the future. 


  • Lay flat variations reduced to ±3mm.
  • Achieved bubble stability and uniformity
  • Lowered 2 sigma deviation from 13% down to 4%. 
  • On average, throughput increased by by 25% across the full product range and all film types. 


The dismantle of old equipment, mechanical and electrical installation took 2 weeks.

Start up and commissioning took 3 days. 

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