Maguire Blender - Our Blender Is No Pretender

Our Blender is No Pretender - Control All Materials

Our Blender is no pretender. A Blender should solve all of your raw material problems, not just a few!

Our Blenders control all materials...not just one and guess at the rest.

Using a Blender over a ‘pretender’ means gravimetric control of ALL materials in a blender. This is important as not all materials are the same; a lb / kg of sand, versus a lb / kg of feathers will have different densities and flow characteristics.

Our WSB Blenders are precise: Dosing accurately to ± on a 0.1% setting.

Since our Blender can mix so accurately and consistently, typically you can add more regrind or additives than you could using other mixing methods. This means expensive masterbatches and additives can be decreased by 30% versus volumetric dosing methods.

Our Blenders can proportion expensive additives and masterbatches to the virgin only. So when regrind is increased, expensive masterbatches and additives automatically decrease. Pretenders usually feed either one material or a few, albeit inaccurately. This lack of control means there are no dynamic adjustments as densities / flow rates change.

Our Blenders can save recipes too. So rather than having to calibrate or manually set a pretender regularly, your exact material blend is stored and ready to use. Simply load your materials hoppers. Set the recipe. Then run the blender and the system will automatically weigh out each material into a batch, and then blend batch to batch direct to your process.

A gravimetric and self calibrating blender means the correct dosage, every time. Gain full materials control of up to 12 components with a Maguire Blender. Get in touch to start solving all your raw materials problems.

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