ULTRA Dryer Greiner

ULTRA Dryer Case Study

How ULTRA dryers helped improve drying efficiency at Greiner Packaging, Austria.

Greiner Packaging, a major manufacturer of packaging for food and non-food applications pursues a clear sustainability strategy.

From recyclable products with a high recyclate percentage through to an energy efficient production process with reduced CO2 emissions.

For their raw material drying process in injection stretch blow molding, the company has tested the ULTRA low energy dryer as a replacement for conventional desiccant dryers.

Main Benefit: Energy Savings

Side by side energy trials at Greiner’s production facilities have shown a clear reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional desiccant dryers.

Energy to Dry

ULTRA requires 7 Watts/lb/hr (15 Watts/kg/hr) to DRY PET at 350°F / 180°C. 

This is 79 Watts/lb/hr (175 Watts/kg/hr) LESS than an average desiccant dryer. 

That's a saving of 90% energy versus a desiccant dryer.

Additional Benefit: Reduced Drying Time and Quick Material Changeovers 

Drying time has been drastically reduced after switching from conventional desiccant dryers to Maguire ULTRA dryers. 

Quick material changeovers within 40 mins compared to 3 hours with a desiccant dryer. 


More material trials per day. 8 material trials per per day with the ULTRA, compared to 2 material per day with a desiccant dryer.

 Additional Benefit: Reduced Footprint

By choosing the ULTRA dryer, Greiner have considerably reduced their footprint thanks to the ULTRA's vertical, slim and compact design. 

ULTRA dryers require 50% less space than Greiner's conventional dryers where the hopper has to be placed separately. 

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