ULTRA PET Application Focus

ULTRA PET Application Focus

A review of the complete Maguire system solution for conveying, loading, drying, blending and dosing of polymer raw materials for producing PET bottles.


Product requirements:

• A blending system with 3 receivers to blend: rPET, PET and regrind

• Feeding from a day bin

• Vacuum pump to convey material into the materials dryer

• Line cleaning valve so no material is left in the pipe


• Injection Stretch Blow Molding


• From 44 - 308 lb/hr (20 -140 kg/hr)

Typical end product:

• PET jars and bottles


The WSB blender is able to accurately control blender recipes and provide documentation and data.

The ULTRA dryer is an ideal match for the technical drying requirements of PET, ensuring product quality and consistency at the lowest possible energy cost.

FlexBus Central Conveying connects the whole system - simply & easily.


The blender provides precise control and flexibility over raw material recipes and data documentation.

Improved process efficiency:

ULTRA drying provides the most efficient method to dry PET.

• Reduced energy usage

• Reduced drying time

• Reduced scrap

• Reduced maintenance

• Smart drying solution

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