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PRS Purging Recovery System

Transforms purgings into high quality regrind. Low cost alternative to conventional sized reduction equipment. 

  • Pneumatic / hydraulic drive system
  • Simple & safe operation
  • Quiet operation

How it Works

  • Load: Load purgings into the containment chamber, close and lock lid.
  • Start: Press start to activate the system
  • Stage 1: Purgings are produced into small chips
  • Stage 2: Final size reduction – uniform granulate is produced, suitable for processing

Steve Maguire explains how the PRS Purging Recovery System works.


Stage 1

  • In the first stage a chamber filled with purgings moves back and forth over a 2-level platform. 
  • Mounted between the upper and lower level of the platform is a high-speed 8-knife rotor. As the chamber moves from the lower level toward the upper level the rotor literally planes one inch off the bottom of the purgings. The resulting chips are propelled down into the second stage.

Stage 2

  • The second stage performs the final size reduction. 
  • A rotary granulator is positioned directly below the planer. 
  • This produces uniform granulate suitable for immediate processing.

Key Benefits

  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic Drive System – air over hydraulic shock absorbing drive system prevents jams
  • Easy Access – for easy loading of bulky parts
  • Fast Clean Out – when changing materials or colors
  • Constant Operation – pneumatically operated follower plate inside the containment chamber keeps purgings in contact with the rotor knives. 
  • Simple Operation – Simply place purgings inside the containment chamber, activate the system and the system automatically does the rest. 
  • Safe Operation – Fully interlocked and meets OSHA standards
  • Noise Management – Shock absorbing design manages noise to acceptable levels. 

Purging Recovery System at a Glance

1. Small Footprint

The compact PRS takes up little space and is positioned offline, away from the process to allow material recovery from purgings.

3. Safe Operation

PRS is a batch recovery system - operator simply loads up with purgings and returns an hour later to process the next batch of purgings.

5. Recover All Material From Purgings

The PRS allows purgings to be turned into regrind, allowing for rapid return on investment.

123456Photo of Purging Recovery System

2. User-Friendly Process

Operator simply loads containment chamber to start process.

4. Simple Operation

Fully automatic two-step process, reducing regrind in-house directly from purgings.

6. Efficient Maintenance

Effective access to cutting chamber and blades for maintenance jobs.

PRS Specification

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)PRS-2039" x 76" x 78"
Containment ChamberPRS-20
20" x 30" x 16"
Shuttle DrivePRS-20
Pneumatic driven with hydraulic resistance sensor
1st Stage Planning RotorPRS-20
5 HP, belt-drive. 8 knife, staggered
2nd Stage Rotor DrivePRS-20
5 HP, 1750 rpm direct drive, 480V / 3ph
Interlocked, sequenced control