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MPF Volumetric Feeder

The MPF powder feeder is designed to dose free-flowing to poorer flowing powders.

  • Hopper with integrated powder feeder paddle
  • Simple installation & easy feeder access
  • Removable stainless steel hopper for quick material changes

MPF Powder Feeder

Removable Stainless Steel Hopper

  • Hopper capacity restricted to 0.5 cubic foot (14 L) which is about 10 pounds (4.5 kg).
  • The restricted capacity design avoids compaction of powders and helps ensures consistent metering.

Spiral Dosing Auger

  • The powder feeder uses a spiral screw to assist with powder dosing.
  • Choice of spiral screws and motors according to settings and throughputs.

Integrated Powder Paddle

  • Hopper features an integrated powder paddle that sweeps the bottom of the hopper every 2 turns of the spiral auger.
  • Keeps the flights of the auger consistently loader with powder to ensure accurate dosing.
  • Powder paddle driven by a v-belt for integrated operator safety.

5 Year Warranty

  • Backed with 5 Year Warranty.

MPF Feeder Operation

Simple Setup Procedure

  • Enter the percentage setting.
  • Then either the molding shot weight or extrusion throughput. 
  • The MPF Feeder automatically doses, metering color evenly into the process machine.

Easy Cleanout and Material Changes

  • Easy removal of hopper, auger and auger tube.
  • No tools required, no pellets cross contamination.

MPF Powder Feeder at a Glance

1. Ideal for Poor Flowing Powders

Hopper with integrated powder paddle.

3. Accurate Metering

Keeping the capacity low avoids compaction and helps with maintaining consistent accuracy.

1234Photo of MPF Volumetric Feeder

2. Simple Cleanout

Easy removal of hopper, auger and auger tube for fast cleanout.

4. Spiral Dosing Auger

Choice of spiral screws and motors according to setting and throughputs.

MPF Feeder Specification

ModelAuger SizeMax RPMsContinuous Output lb/hr

MPF-4-181/2" (12 mm)300.04 (18 gm)2.9 (300 gm)
MPF-4-341/2" (12 mm)550.1 (45 gm)7 (45.3 kg)
1" (25 mm)
0.7 (0.3 kg)
58 (26.3 kg)
MPF-8-941" (25 mm)
1301.6 ( 0.7 kg)135 (61.2 kg)
MPF-16-502" (50.8 mm)908.0 (3.6 kg)2600 (272.1 kg)

MPF Options

Spacer Frames
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16Raise feeders above the feed throat of the process machine. To improve access & material change over times.
Swivel Plates
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
Allow for easy re-positioning of auger feeder & full rotation of the feeder to any position required.
Hopper Extensions
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
Range of hopper extension sizes for different models to increase storage capacity.
Powder Feeder Augers
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
1 1/2" and 1" augers for feeding free flowing additive powders.
Clear-Vu Surge Hoppers
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
To easily view material status before material is entering the material line.
Spare Controllers
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
Spare automatic speed controller. Also available with Extrusion Following for extrusion applications. 
Augers with Couplings
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
Augers with 1/2", 1" and 2" coupling.
Auger Tubes
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
1/2", 1", and 2" auger tubes are available.
Low Level Alarm
MPF-4, MPF-8, MPF-16
Reduce monitoring requirements by floor personnel with the LLA alarm system, used to signal HGH or LDW material-supply conditions.