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GSL Brushless Vacuum Loader

Standalone loader that comes with a robust brushless motor.

  • Double pivot access
  • Brushless vacuum motor for long-life and reduced maintenance
  • SureSeal flapper valve avoids loading failures

GSL Loader Operation

Double Pivot Access 

  • Loader operates in upright position - captive detent locks the loader in place during operation.
  • For easy access, loader pivots forward from operating position.
  • Lid tilts back and locks in place for easy access.
  • Fast cleaning to filter and interior of loader.

Full-Feature Controls

  • Easy setup and control with remote pendant access.
  • Magnetic backed control pendant mounts on hopper and other metal surfaces convenient to the operator. 
  • Full feature control includes load time, no-load alarm, alarm light and silencer, as well as proportioning and purging.

Upright Operating Position

  • Modular construction for easy installation - suit individual requirements. 
  • Adjustable inlet position for convenient installation.

Minimal Maintenance

Brushless Motor 

  • Minimal maintenance compared to brush-type single phase loaders.
  • Isolated exhaust air protects motor from plastic fines. 
  • Long life motor lasts four times as long as motors with brushes.

Filter Cleaning 

  • MicroBurst keeps filter clean.
  • High intensity MicroBurst blowback air blasts whole filter area.
  • Dust and fines removed, ensuring that the dump throat is clear for proper sealing.
  • Discharge shroud protects dump throat.

Consistent Loading

  • Reliable SureSeal seal surfaces stay aligned and resist wear.
  • MicroBurst air blast removes residual dust for a tight seal.
  • All material contact points are non-ferrous.

5 Year Warranty

  • Backed with 5 Year Warranty.

GSL Vacuum Loader at a Glance

1. Brushless Vacuum Motor

Brushless vacuum motor for long-life and reduced maintenance.

3. Hinged Lid Access

Lid body and tilt design for each access / cleaning.

5. Filter Cleaning

Heavy Duty filter with filter cleaning.

123456Photo of GSL Brushless Vacuum Loader

2. Minimal Maintenance

Isolated exhaust air protects motor from plastic fines.

4. Convenient Installation

Adjustable inlet position for convenient installation.

6. Easy Setup with Remote Control

Remote pendant allows for easy and simple setup.

GSL Loader Specification

ModelCapacityInlet O.DDischarge DiameterABCD
GSL-1212 lb1.5 in.3 in.25.20 in.
15.03 in.31.38 in.17.44 in.
GSL-1919 lb1.5 in.3 in.29.20 in.14.95 in.34.77 in.19.40 in.

Options & Accessories

2 Inch InletIn lieu of the standard 1.5 inch inlet.
Extended Wear PackageRecommended when loading abrasive materials - contact factory.
Alternate Glass Size12 lb glass (adds 4 in. to height) or 16 lb glass (adds 7 inc to height).
Retrofit Kit to Convert GSLs into Machine Mount ModelKit includes glass, twist-lock plug and photo-eye alternate mounting flange (7 in. x 7 in. with 3.5 in. opening) removes 1.5 in. from height.
Replacement Plug and Play Control Pendant with 12 ft cable.One included with each GSL.
Replacement 12 ft cable12 ft cable for pendant. 
External Proportioning ValveIncludes coupler, wand, hose and clamps. 1.5 in. and 2.0 in O.D.
Level Switch, Capacitance30 mm diameter, 2m cable. 
Capacitance Level SwitchIn lieu of photo-eye sensor. For GSL-MM model.